Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Bright Eyes: A Bushy Tale

Just wanted to say thanks to the friends who pointed out that I made it to number 35 in the “Most Annoying People Of The Year” ,on BBC TV3 last night:


- beating Heather Mills who only managed number 36. If it’s any help, we froze most of the rabbit meat from the rabbit cull on my “vast” country estate and are donating it to charity, and the fur coats we made were sent to Oxfam. Actually we only shot 5 of the little buggers, the other rabbits took the hint and f****d off round to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s place on the real Watership Down, near Newbury, 20 miles to the West of here. I’m sure they’d rather be shot by the man who owns Watership Down than the man who wrote “Bright Eyes”.

The TV people actually invite you on the programme to talk about what an annoying git you are, but you’ll have noticed I was not present in the flesh, having refused to partake, forcing them to use “younger”, better-looking footage of me. (I was even better looking when I was younger; I know it’s hard to believe).

Anyway. Happy New Year.

What a laugh. Pass the 12 bore and the vodka, and some ammo. And some ice. That’s it, I think.


  1. Goodness gracious! Are you a serial rabbit killer, and pretending something else here online!? I am virtually in love with your craziness, the sophisticated and well thought jokes, amazing music and last but not least, your perfect looks. So..the people who usually take any kind of news from the world without reacting, they now got allergic reactions? They can't take too much of excitement. Congratulations! Next you'll get Oscar or something, and the same people will be your best friends. Then you can shoot again! Cheers with Syrah :)

  2. Hey Mike!

    Yeah ok, you kill the food you have on your own all right. Best way to make sure it's fresh meat. :D

    More important for me: how do you prepare them? barbeque? steam? Guess that would be interesting to know. Maybe a good idea for a book: hunter-gatherer Mike Batt explains best ways of cooking. LOL

    Have fun, and all the best for 2010.