Saturday, 13 February 2010

A Blast From The Past

I was looking through some old blogs on the archive on my website: when I came across two paragraphs of subsequent blogs from 2002. Thought you might like to share them. (Or not).

Sunday20th October, 2002

I've signed a new artist this week, too, and I'm not telling you anything about her, him or them. I'll tell you next time, but he she or they are or is going to be huge. Just remember where you heard it first. Remember that I told you somebody was going to be huge but didn't say who. At least I gave you half the information, and that's got to be better than nothing. I have already made a short promotional film, carried out a photo session and recorded seven songs, and I'm very excited about him, them or her.

And in my following blog:

Sunday 8th December 2002

I can now reveal to the World that my new signing to Dramatico is KATE MELUA. There's no real reason to tell you this at this stage, but I promised in my last letter to tell you when I next wrote, so I'm keeping my promise - that's the sort of guy I am. Katie is from Georgia, near Russia, she's 18 years old, and she's a singer and songwriter. We're going to make an album together, starting in February. It will be bluesy, classy, and cool. (We hope).

If you want to see the original blog – in context with other things jhappening then, just go to the link, above.