Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Emily – You’re Thirty-two!

Wow, - when I was thirty, she
Had just been Christened “Emily”
And “Christened” was the way she stayed
Not like myself, (though Christened, strayed).
Chocolate-eating but not fat
Why? She’s faster than her cat,
Running in the marathon
People say “What are you on?”
Steroids, steak or other means?
She says, “I’m on runner beans!”
And , own up anybody who
Knows about that cool tattoo!
All her friendships go beyond
“She’s OK” or “I’m quite fond”
Now has come the time to say
On this very special day,
I’m congratulating you;
Emily –you’re THIRTY-TWO!

Happy Birthday.!

(Sorry it wasn’t delivered by a Stripper-Vicar or Fun-Nun).

All the best


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